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Thousands Protest Press Credibility In March Against The Mainstream Media
RT News, 111713

Thousands of people in the UK and US united in their rejection of mainstream media in a mass protest. Protesters targeted the headquarters of media giants like Fox News, the BBC and NBS, decrying their narrow coverage of world affairs.

The March Against Mainstream Media (MAMM) organized the international protest via social media and challenged the established media to cover it.

In a statement posted on the MAMM website, the organization said big media outlets had two options: “report on the fact that thousands of people are currently protesting outside of their buildings because they are keeping important news from the public’s eyes,” or ignore them. ... [Read more]

Video: RT News Pomo for MAMSM  |  Press TV Coverage

Video: London Media Protest  |  Las Vegas TV News

Why is it the comedians always make the best points? Conan has proof of media collusion:  Video 1  |  Video 2  

Activists To Out Corporate Media For Lying To Us All
OTR, by Tim Watts - 111413

A worldwide march against the mainstream media will take place in cities around the world, this Saturday, November 16th. According to the website for the North American Association of Independent Journalists, the protest is a mass attempt to call light to the corporate media's role in enabling crimes of state against the people. The most interesting challenge presented by the mass protest will be in how the MSM actually reports this story, or doesn't.

For more info on a march near your town, see the official protest website at

America Needs Heroes. Be A Hero.


Ryan Brooks holds his AR-15 at the Capitol in Olympia.
Photo courtesy Ted S. Warren Columbian Newspaper


Ryan Brooks Addresses WA Gun Rally
Sound of Freedom Hosts Stands Up For Gun Rights, by Tim Watts - 020813

Never one to shy away from controversy, US Army veteran and Orion Talk radio host Ryan Brooks attended the gun rally at his state Capitol to fight for his country once again, defending the 2md amendment. The popular night time host spoke to the cheering crowd about standing up for freedom while people still had the right to do so. Telling the crowd that they had been sold out by both the right and the left, Brooksie didn't mince words as he encouraged folks to wake up and see the big picture about a system that is trying to disarm Americans. Brooks was a Sergeant in Afghanistan and knows what battle is like. He doesn't back down when it comes to a fight and defending our freedom. Tune in to hear Ryan on the Sound of Freedom, weeknights from 12-3am ET on Orion Talk Radio.



Ryan Brooks addresses the crowd at the gun rally.


Ryan Brooks with OTR fan Brian at WA gun rally.


Ryan Brooks stands with fellow protestors in Olympia.
Picture courtesy The Olympian newspaper.

Seattle Activist Report Interviews Ryan Brooks

MN Capitol Gun Rally Draws Hundreds Despite Cold
Protesters Brave Below Freezing Temps To Be Heard, by Tim Watts - 012613

The weather was cold but the passion was much hotter as Minnesota gun supporters braved a wind chill of 25 degrees to march on their state Capitol to protest the proposed gun control laws. Hundreds came together in St. Paul to voice their opposition to any notion of gun restriction or gun registration. Many speakers were on hand to address the crowd, including noted gun activist and MN representative Tony Cornish, who spoke at length to the crowd about preserving our 2nd amendment Constitutional right to bear arms. The theme was indeed unanimous among all the speakers, that our right exists to protect ourselves from a government that turns against its people. Orion Talk Radio's Tim Watts was on hand for the event, speaking with Representative Cornish after the rally. Thanks to all who attended to stand up for our 2nd amendment right.


Minnesota residents rally in St. Paul for gun rights.


Orion's Tim Watts with MN Representative Tony Cornish.


Support Your 2nd Amendment Right!
While you still have the right to do so.

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Do You Have The Courage of August Landmesser?

Orion's Brian Lange, from the Live Truth Radio Show.

Freeway overpass protest in Lima, OH.

Orion Talk Radio listener Barb gets her two-cents in.

Derrick Broze Takes On The Boston Police State

Derrick Broze Interviews Sheriff Mack At Gun Rally
Houston Free Thinkers Attend Texas Protest, by Tim Watts - 012613

Noted Texas activist group, the Houston Free Thinkers were out in force for the march on the state Capitols, including Orion Talk Radio's Derrick Broze. Texans turned out in huge numbers to protest Diane Feinstein's proposed gun grab and registration plan. The nationwide Guns Across America rally was actually the idea of Texas resident Eric Reed and was attended by tens of thousands across the US. Also in attendance was America's Sheriff, legendary former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, constitutional activist and a well known gun advocate. Derrick Broze, from the OTR program "Conscious Resistance" was able to get a few minutes with Sheriff Mack during the event. You can see the video below. Kudos to DB for keeping up the activist fight and for scoring the great interview with Sheriff Mack. Hear Derrick on Sundays at 3pm ET on Orion.


Derrick Broze interviews Sheriff Richard Mack in Austin.

Thousands Join Pro-Gun Rallies In State Capitals
The recurring message from state capitals: Responsible gun owners should be left alone. (USA Today)
Pro-Gun Activists Flood US State Capitals Defending Right To Bear Arms (RT News)

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Derrick Broze Works the TSA at Reagan Intl Airport

Washington Cop Hassles Ryan Brooks

A Very Clever Way To Promote 9/11 Truth


St. Louis 9/11 Truth sponsors Olive Blvd highway clean-up


Orion's Tim Watts finds the St. Louis 9/11 Truth sign.

The sign is next to one of the Monsanto entrances. Nice!


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