Why Do They Want To Take Our Guns Away?
What They Don't Want You To Know--There Is NO Problem With Guns In The United States!
OrionTalkRadio, by Tim Watts - 032813

Despite the fact that all of the mass shootings in this country have nefarious origins, beyond what has been reported in the media, there is no reason to take our guns away. In Wisconsin, Colorado and Connecticut, all of the mass shootings were the work of multiple shooters. That's a fact that the media hasn't told you. (See the video below)


The FBI says that murder by gun has gone down for five straight years in a row, even with the questionable mass shootings included. Now, here are the real numbers that they do not want you to know. In a country of 310-million people we had only 8,583 murders by gun. That comes down to just 0.003% of the population. Not even 1% !! That is an infinitesimally diminutive number. It's laughable!


So ask yourself, where is there a gun problem in the US?


Then ask yourself another question, why didn't the corporate mainstream media tell you this?


No one has ever talked about this statistic, until now.


Just remember, you heard it here first.

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