Orion Resurrects Kennedy Speech
Message Was Worth Killing For, So We Need To Hear It!
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The Orion Talk Radio programming department has released a spoken word piece that was produced in 2012 using President John F. Kennedy's "Secret Societies" speech. The production was never officially released to the public, until now.

As part of a new martyr series, the idea is to feature the words of those individuals who the powers that be have killed in an attempt to silence their message. The idea is to present these important messages once again to the public. If they were worth killing someone for, then what better way to honor those fallen heroes by resurrecting their powerful messages and putting them back into the forefront of public consciousness.

"If someone hated those messages bad enough to silence the messenger, then we need to hear those messages again," said series producer Tim Watts.

"What were those brave people trying to tell us that 'the powers that be' don't want you to hear?"

The plan is to feature those people that they tried to silence, and to let their important messages be heard once again.

"They might have killed the messengers, but we won't let their messages die. If 'the powers that be' didn't like the message, then that's something that people need to hear more of," said Watts.

Besides featuring President John F. Kennedy, the series will also feature his brother, Robert F. Kennedy, as well as Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Princess Diana, Senator Paul Wellstone, among others.

In the first release in the series, listen very closely to the dire message that Kennedy was revealing to the nation for the first time publicly. You will realize that this is why he was probably shot. Kennedy had the courage to stand before the press and publicly reveal how the whole cabal runs, for all the world to hear.

It was no coincidence that Kennedy made this speech before the audience that he did, the national newspaper press. Lost to may contemporary researchers today is the fact that Kennedy had obviously selected this opportunity very carefully and well in advance. He knew what he was doing. It was an all out urgent plea, an SOS to the nation that very powerful criminals had subverted our way of life.

Listen as Kennedy talks about secrecy and secret societies...

"The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society."

"And we are as a people, inherently and historically, opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings."

"We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify them."

Kennedy then elaborated and delivered the payload of his bombshell speech...

"For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy" that relies primarily on covert means to expand its sphere of influence."

He then warned everyone, as blatantly as possible, that these people did not operate above board in an open manner, nor by any conventional means. He openly stated that their operation was based...

"On infiltration instead of invasion. On subversion instead of elections. On intimidation instead of free choice. On guerillas by night instead of armies by day."

"It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources, into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligent, economic, scientific, and political operations."

"It's preparations are concealed, not published. It's mistakes are buried, not headlined. It's dissenters are silenced, not praised."

"No expenditure is questioned. No rumor is printed. No secret is revealed."

Kennedy was making an urgent plea, in the most public way he knew, before the entire body of newspaper editors.

Look at Kennedy's words as he blatantly begs for help.

"I am not asking your newspapers to support an administration, but I am asking [for] your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people."

This is huge! Kennedy was publicly making a genuine call for help. He was trying to publicly expose the cabal and asking people to help.

He was trying to alert the American people as to what was really going on behind the scenes of power. He couldn't have been more obvious or direct in his speech.

It's readily apparent that Kennedy had very meticulously planned this public exposure. The venue and audience were strategically chosen. Making this speech before the newspaper association was no accident. Who better to make these bombshell revelations to, but the American press?

His speech was purposefully crafted and his words were very carefully chosen.

Like Eisenhower before him, he also warned of the coming military industrial complex...

"And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand it's meaning to the very limits of censorship and concealment."

That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it's in my control.

The latter half of that statement is very interesting and quite telling in its own right, because it shows Kennedy admitting that he himself does not know the extent of his power versus their power.

One other observation in closing, in regards to the War On Terror...  our politicians have tripped all over themselves to hand in our Constitutional rights, just so they could feign to their constituents that our nation was safe, but President Kennedy had a different take on the trade off of preserving the nation over our American way of life...

"Even today, there is little value in ensuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it."

Wise words indeed, yet after 9/11, our government and our crooked politicians have done the exact opposite, acting to preserve a government state, rather than our way of life.

When you take the time to examine Kennedy's Secret Societies speech, line by line, point by point, he was making the first ever public declaration that had ever been made against 'the powers that be.' He went many steps beyond Eisenhower and his farewell warning to the nation. Kennedy was right on the mark, as precisely as his assassins were in Dealey Plaza.

I think what is most chilling to realize in all of this is that Jack and Bobby went out of their way in planning this public expose. They carefully chose the public venue in which to deliver this world shaking speech, with calculated and deliberate purpose, they chose the newspaper association.

Trust me, that choice of audience was certainly no coincidence.

Again, what better group to reveal this heinous plot to?

It should have worked. It would have worked... had our media not already been infiltrated and corrupted under Operation Mockingbird.

In the end, it all fell on deaf ears, and this country now forever mourns November 22, 1963.

That's what is tragic here. Jack and Bobby went out of their way to try and take the 'powers that be' down, and it failed.

President Kennedy tried to alert us with the second greatest warning to come from the Oval Office in just three short months. It's no coincidence that his warning came on the heels of Eisenhower's own dire prophecy to beware the military industrial complex.

Two US Presidents, back to back, trying to warn the US public, in less than three months!

  • Eisenhower military industrial complex warning... Jan 17, 1961

  • JFK secret societies, conspiracy warning... April 27, 1961

Needless to say, this was huge news, unprecedented in US history, two US Presidents trying to warn the public, but where was the media?

Clearly the US mainstream corporate media failed miserably in its duty to cover those warnings. Their silence should forever be their damnation.

Our media let this country down. They betrayed our nation.

They failed Jack. They failed Bobby. They failed us.

They continue that treasonous silence to this very day.

So if the message was worth killing a US President over, then it's about high time that we, as a nation, begin to examine that message once again, with much greater scrutiny.

They assassinated President Kennedy to silence him. So what better way to retaliate, than bringing his message back?

We hope you enjoy the following production...

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