Orion Talk Radio Leaves The Air
Goodbye To A Dear Old Friend
OTR, by Tim Watts - 021714

Sadly, Orion Talk Radio has stopped broadcasting after four years on the air. Station owner Jimmy X wrote the staff on Sunday night to regretfully inform them that due to myriad issues and financial considerations the station would cease broadcasting immediately, effective late Sunday night after the last live broadcast. The station left the air at 2:07am.

The timing for the closure of OTR is ironic because it just so happens to be on the very day that the network was formed, February 16, 2010. The station's first broadcast came just three days later, on February 19th. It was a four year run.

The network first began with shows such as "Against The Wall" with JJink, "The Edge" with John Stokes, and "Down The Rabbit Hole" with Popeye. Soon others followed, such as "The Freedom Link" with Joe Joseph, "Live Free FM" with Paranoid, "The Super Dave Show," "Wake Up Call" with Rudy Z, "The Manfred Minute" with John Manfred, "Rapid Fire" with Mike Powers, and "Morning Brew" with Gwen Caldwell, to name but just a few.

Over the years, shows and hosts came and went. Pretty much every topic under the sun was covered, but conspiracy was always the topic of the day for most of the Orion hosts, enthralling their listening audiences with tales of government corruption and the hidden history of the US and the world.

Orion Talk Radio arguably hit its peak in the fall of 2012 when listenership rocketed in a 90 day period to an all-time high of 1.6 million tune-ins per month. The station held it's lofty standing for over a year, but personal internal issues began to fester and soon station personnel began to leave.

What's sad for this commentator is the number of alternative news outlets that have gone by the wayside in just the last two years...

This is not a good trend for the truth movement as we try to take back the United States and regain the vision of our forefather's Republic.

Hosts are deeply saddened by the unfortunate turn of events for Orion Talk Radio, but many are going to continue on with their programs, broadcasting through their own websites or through another network.

Some hosts have already broached talk of creating a new network, made up of former Orion hosts. In the event that should happen, you will want to be informed, so please keep in touch with the websites on the left from our various hosts.

Any news of a new broadcast location will be announced by each host on their respective websites.

On behalf of all the wonderful hosts that have broadcast for Orion Talk Radio over the years, we extend our sincerest thanks to all of you for allowing us to come into your daily lives and help spread the truth.

As many of us have said over the years, it's never been about us at Orion Talk Radio. It's always been about you, because without you, there is no truth movement. Without you, there is no voice to stand up en masse and say, "Enough is enough. We're not going to take it anymore."

We thank the great sponsors who helped support Orion Talk Radio over the years, helping to make this all possible, but most of all, we thank you for listening and for being there.

May the good Lord bless every one of you and all those who cherish our forefather's ideals of freedom and liberty.

Until we meet again, be informed, be smart about what you know, be prepared, be vigilant and stay forever strong.

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