Network Owner Kills Orion Website
Website Was Paid Up In Advance, But Pulled Anyway
Op-Ed by Tim Watts - 021914

Unfortunately, it has become apparent that former Orion Talk Radio owner Jimmy X has taken a bitter and vindictive course towards the hosts that actually gave him an income, all the while they labored for him for years, all for free.

The Orion Talk Radio website was pulled from the internet for no reason whatsoever, even though it had already been paid for the next two years. I maintained the OTR website and no discussion ever came forth over the immediate removal of the site. None. It was done without consulting me.

The least that could have happened would be to leave the site up for the rest of the paid month, but Jimmy X chose a different course, one that would prevent loyal listeners from following hosts who have been forced to relocate.

As most of you know, I also helped program OTR, but in the last year that was hampered as I struggled with personal health issues. Jimmy X was asked to step up and help keep the operation going, but he instead chose to pull the plug. I also was not consulted in this action. For my two years of service to Orion Talk Radio, I was informed just like the rest of the staff, in a cold email.

After receiving the email, I immediately wrote back to Jimmy, imploring him to allow the listeners and the hosts one last final week on the air. He refused to even respond to me.

The decision to pull the station form the air without allowing listeners or the hosts a farewell was unprofessional. There would have been no significant cost whatsoever, because the month was paid for.

The decision to pull the website and not help promote the hosts and personnel who worked for free and provided him revenue is also perplexing, because the site was also paid up, two years in advance. Certainly it could have been left up the remaining two weeks of the month, to let the loyal listeners know how to follow their favorite hosts.

As things currently stand, Jimmy X is off everyone's birthday and Christmas card list and we move onward. The course has been to start individual show broadcasts, with the hopes of starting a new network down the road.

For now, please bookmark this site and then email it to all who want to keep up on the hosts and shows from Orion Talk radio. It will be updated with current news and information on all hosts over the entire year.

If you wish to email the station owner, you can do so at the following links...

OTR email  |  Micro1650am email

You can also leave voicemail on the OTR Listen Line...

As the now former program director for Orion Talk Radio, I apologize to each of you, the listeners and the hosts. As explained above, this did not need to happen the way it did.

It's certainly very unfortunate for all involved, be we move onward with the same determined resolve as before. We will not give up.

We sincerely appreciate your listening over the years and we hope that you will follow the hosts as they set up their new broadcast locations. (see top left)

Thanks to all of you who listened and cared over the years. Please, don't ever stop believing in our forefather's vision. Keep the faith and continue to care. This fight ain't over yet!

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