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David Zublick is the Doctor of the Republic - a true American patriot. He interviews the newsmakers, news breakers and the people who influence business, society and culture. Dynamic, provocative, spontaneous. David explores the hottest topics with the names in and behind the headlines. His hard-hitting, take no prisoners interview style gets to the very heart of the issues.
Show: America Talks
Host: David Zublick
Airs: Broadcasting at on Sunday night at 8pm ET / 7pm CT
Archives: Orion Archive Page
Chat room: Chat room

America Talks RSS Feed
News Stalker is a two-man team that is all about exposing the lies of the corporate owned mainstream media. Radio veterans Bob Green and Erich Headrick dig deep when it comes to exposing the corruption and lies that exist within the government, as well as the corporate owned media and its CFR minions. Get the real truth, weeknights 10-12 with News Stalkers.
Show: News Stalker
Hosts: Bob Green & Erich Headrick
Airs: Mon-Fri 10pm - 12am ET  
  Now broadcasting Live from NewsStalker!
Call-In # 323-319-6397  NEW Call-In # !!
Archives: Orion Archive Page
Chat room: Chat room

News Stalker RSS Feed

The Sound of Freedom is a non partisan talk show dedicated in motivating you to empower yourself. Corporate media cowers at the thought of you hearing this broadcast. If you have found this show, more likely than not you know we have some serious problems facing us, The Sound of Freedom will tell you what you can do about it. Tune in Sunday nights at 11 ET on Orion Talk Radio.
Show: The Sound of Freedom
Host: Ryan Brooks
Airs: Now Broadcasting on RBN
Archives: Orion Archive Page
Web: The Sound of Freedom
Chat room: The Sound of Freedom Chat Room

The Sound of Freedom RSS Feed
Dublin and UK activist Kevin Bull hosts Free Thinking Voice - The Earth Needs Rebels Show, Guest Focused Radio Platform. Guests take the 'Rebels Platform' to speak out on anything that benefit's or protects society and the world we live in... the truth movement, exposing corruption, scientific, medical, alternative medicine, legal, publishing, music, film, spiritual and much more.
Show: The Earth Needs Rebels Show
Host: Kevin Bull
Airs: Monday-Friday 1-3 PM ET
  Sat 9-11 AM ET / Sun 8 AM -12 PM
Archives: Orion Archive Page
Chat room: The Earth Needs Rebels Chat Room

The Earth Needs Rebels Show RSS Feed

Brian Lange delivers the Live Truth six days a week from 3-6PM ET... Sunday through Friday on Orion Talk Radio. Brian will discuss any and all news, and discusses "The Reality Underneath The Honesty" over each and every issue that is brought up during the broadcast. They say that they are being honest with you, but the reality is oftentimes something altogether completely different.
Show: Live Truth Radio Show
Host: Brian Lange
Airs: Mon-Fri 3-6PM ET, Sun 5-7PM
  Now broadcasting daily on Waking Up The Masses Radio
Archives: Orion Archive Page
Chat room: Live Truth Chat Room


Live Truth Radio Show RSS Feed
Broken Man Radio is dedicated to bringing you the truth, even if it hurts. Johnny English has dedicated his life to exposing the frauds around us, providing the REAL truth and some solutions to everyday problems. Opinionated at times, Johnny uses a special blend of sarcasm, comedy and heartfelt expressions to get his points across. Johnny always encourages everyone to do their own research.  
Show: Broken Man Radio Show
Host: Johnny English
Airs: Weeknights 12-Midnight ET
Archives: Orion Archive Page
Chat room: Broken Man Chat Room


Broken Man Radio Show RSS Feed

It's the truth from north of the border with Canada Live, featuring Ron Stephens, Sunday afternoon from 1-3. A brave Canuck who truly understands what's going on in this world. So get a view of the truth as told from our northern neighbors. Ron is a dedicated researcher that investigates it all and then tells it like it is... Mon-Fri at 9pm ET and Sunday from 1-3, on Orion Talk Radio.
Show: Canada Live
Host: Ron Stephens
Airs: Sunday 12 - 3 PM ET
  Mon-Fri 9 PM ET
Archives: Orion Archive Page
Chat room: Canada Live Chat Room


Canada Live with Ron Stephens RSS Feed
The Information Nation speaks to an ever-growing group of people that want to be in the know at all times when it comes to news about our world, most especially keeping  tabs on our overzealous politicians and our conniving leaders. Hosted by Ken, the Information Nation delivers news and insight that informs a ravenous listening audience of the people, by the people and for the people.
Show: The Information Nation
Host: Ken Hildebrand
Airs: Sunday 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM ET
  Now broadcasting live from
Archives: Orion Archive Page
Chat room: The Information Nation Chat Room


The Information Nation RSS Feed

Inspired by Howard Beale from the 1976 movie Network, Tim is Mad As Hell about the state of our world. As 60's activist Mario Savio put it, "You've got to put your bodies upon the gears, upon the wheels, upon the levers, and you've got to make the machine stop! You've got to let the people who own it and run it know that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!"
Show: Mad As Hell
Host: Tim Watts
Airs: Sat 10 PM - 12 AM ET
Archives: Orion Archive Page
  Now broadcasting from our new website!
Web:  NEW!
Email: email@madashellradioshowDOTcom
Chat room: Mad As Hell Chat Room

Mad As Hell RSS Feed
From We Are Change Fresno, it's activist Charlie B telling it like it is on Charlie In The Box. Charlie is extremely  passionate about freedom and liberty and holds our US Constitution with a deep, dear, impassioned reverence.  Charlie speaks from the heart, with great love for We The People and a deep respect for the vision and sacrifice of our forefathers. Get inspired with Charlie In The Box!
Show: Charlie In The Box
Host: Charlie B
Airs: Sunday 3 - 5 PM ET 
Archives: Orion Archive Page
Web: Endurance 101
Chat room: Charlie In The Box Chat Room

Charlie In The Box RSS Feed
John Connor promotes a common sense approach to life that many find refreshing. It's hard to argue against sound logic; John, Mike, Mark, and Steve bring it with the Angry Beaver Radio Show. Tune-in Saturday from 5-7pm ET for the absolute best conversation and a thorough break down of the week's news and what it means to you. It's definitely dangerous beaver on the edge, every Saturday afternoon from 5-7pm, on Orion Talk Radio.
Show: Angry Beaver Radio Show
Host: John, Mike, Mark, Steve
Airs: Saturday 5-7 PM ET 
  LiveStream link
  Now broadcasting daily on Truth Frequency Radio
Archives: Orion Archive Page
Chat room: Angry Beaver Chat Room


Angry Beaver Radio Show RSS Feed
The Brave and the Free isn't your regular Conservative or Liberal talk-fest. It's a meeting place for ideas of EVERY description. In the pursuit of a Heuristic Society we Seekers of Verities, must first pledge our allegiance to something higher than the pleasure of winning arguments or being right. It is to empower this pursuit that The Brave and the Free will enforce a code of polite respectful communication, with everything else de-emphasized.
Show: The Brave And The Free
Hosts: Al Anderson
Airs: Saturday 11am - 1pm
Archives: Orion Archive Page
Web: The Brave & The Free
Chat room: The Brave & The Free Chat Room


The Brave And The Free RSS Feed

The truth is hard to find sometimes. On this program we will be searching under every rock for the real, hard truths that most wont talk about. In the world today much is hidden from view and here we will explore all subjects. A unique perspective will be used to analyze everything from religion to politics, and everything in between. Free your mind and the truth will follow... Sunday, 8pm on OTR.
Show: In Search of Truth
Host: Justin DeArmond
Airs: Sunday 8 - 9 PM ET
Archives: Orion Archive Page
Web: TBA
Email: TBA
Chat room: In Search Of Truth Chat Room

In Search of Truth RSS Feed
Dr. Carpenter began her show in response to her own experiences with the medical mainstream, trying to bring a much improved form of PDT cancer therapy into the world, a treatment which, in many cases would alleviate the need for toxic poisons, yet instead has brought about violent resistance, suppression of evidence, interference, sabotage, fear mongering, and attacks against her.
Show: The Medical Conspiracy
Host: Dr. Carpenter & Randy Simmons
Airs: Saturday 3 - 5 PM ET 
Petition: Help Dr. Carpenter by signing the petition
Archives: Orion Archive Page
Chat room: The Medical Conspiracy Chat Room


Medical Conspiracy with Dr. Carpenter RSS Feed

At Orion Talk Radio, Jimmy X is most certainly the station X-factor. Jimmy brings over 20 years of broadcasting to the mix, providing the Orion listening audience with great talk, news and opinion, not to mention a healthy dose of biting sarcasm to level the playing field with. In hiatus for the time being, Jimmy makes an occasional appearance despite his devout passion for B&B (beer and bowling).

Show: Radio X
Host: Jimmy X
Airs: On hiatus
Archives: Orion Archive Page
Chat room: NA


Radio X with Jimmy X RSS Feed
The Orion Talk Radio Network is probably the only station to resurrect the Mae Brussell archives. Mae was a true American hero who was before her time. Before there was Bill Cooper and Alex Jones, there was Mae Brussell. She was just a simple housewife who was spurred on by the 1960's assassination of President John F. Kennedy, becoming a national heroine for truth and justice. Listen to the woman that started it all, Mon-Fri 6-7am ET.
Show: The Mae Brussell Archives
Host: Mae Brussell
Airs: Mon-Fri 6-7 AM ET
Archives: Mae Brussell Archive Page
Email: worldwatchersinternation@gmailcom
Chat room: The Mae Brussell Chat Room

The Mae Brussell Archives RSS Feed

Blacklisted Radio with host Doug Owen brings you a straight forward look at the world around us, complete with all the important news of the day. With a spotlight on the truth, and a pretty good nose for BS and disinformation, Doug doesn't miss a beat as he dissects the mainstream media propaganda and tries to make sense of it all.Get a dose of the truth, from BlackListed Radio with Doug Owen
Show: BlackListed Radio
Host: Doug Owen
Airs: Sat Night - Sun Morn  12 - 2am
Archives: Orion Archive Page
Chat room: NA

BlackListed Radio with Doug Owen RSS Feed
The Orion Talk Radio Network features the cutting edge news that the mainstream media fails to deliver. If you've got something to say and would like a platform to speak from, then maybe Orion Talk Radio is the fit you're looking for. Our hosts are diligent investigators and reporters when it comes to uncovering the dirt in this crooked world. If that's your MO, then email Orion Talk Radio.
Show: Your Show Coming Soon
Host: TBA
Airs: TBA
Archives: Orion Archive Page
Chat room: TBA

The Next Orion Show RSS Feed

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