Why Secession And Revolution Are Not The Best Ideas For The United States
NewsFocus.org, Op-Ed by Tim Watts - 111812

The idea has been floated that states should secede from the union and we should have a new American Revolution. Let me offer a few reasons why that is not our best option and should be a very last resort. First off, the only thing standing in the way of the new world order is the heavily armed people of the US. The criminals behind the evil NWO, like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, would like nothing more than to dissolve the United States. That makes their job that much easier.

Remember our forefathers' warning, "United we stand, but divided we fall?" Secession plays right into the hands of the new world order crowd. It's what they want, to destroy the union first and then pick us all off one by one. Our strength is our unity and they know that.

As for the 2nd American Revolution, those advocating such an instant bloodbath forget one thing, it's not an even fight.

When our forefathers fought against the British crown, the fight was somewhat of a level playing field as both sides fought with muskets and cannons. Today, that is not the case due to an incredible arsenal of high-tech weaponry and biological agents available to the powers that control the shadow government of the US. The 2012 NDAA insured that military force can now be used against "we the people" like it has never been used before. Last time I checked, they had tanks, fighter jets and helicopter gunships. Not an even fight by any means.

The addition of HR 658 and its 30,000 drones over America poses the most serious threat of all, because every home in America was GPS'd during the last census. Long story short, they have the coordinates to smart bomb your ass back into the stone age from 30,000 feet. You'll never see it coming. Sure we have lots of guns, but the first revolution was said to be fought by only 3% of the populace. Even if you bump that figure up today, it is still a lopsided fight that could end ugly, in a real hurry.

So please think about these things before you jump into something you can never retreat from. Talk of secession and armed revolution at this juncture in time only aids those wanting to divide and conquer this nation. It should be a last resort only, not a first strike. There are still other avenues to be traveled first, rather than just jumping emotionally right off the bridge into complete chaos.

Please don't get me wrong, we never give up the fight, but we also never let a superior foe force us into a fight that we are physically not ready for. Any military leader will attest to that. Those wishing for secession and revolution need to think these salient points through, very carefully, before acting impetuously with rash emotion, instead of reasoned intellect.

Again, dissolving the United States is their goal. Killing opponents of the new world order is their fervent dream. Don't let them manipulate your emotions to serve their agenda. Think first before you throw the baby out with the bathwater. Just sayin'.

Article Copyright 2012  by Tim Watts

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